Essential Forms 

Please feel free to obtain forms critical to health insurance on the Marketplace as well as other important documents pertaining to Social Security and Medicare.

The Benefits Advisors is not affiliated with any Government Entity, Organization or other entity.  We simply pick up where the rest leave off.  Due to issues with so many organizations when it comes to customer service, we strive to change that dynamic with focused customer service and a never-ending dedication to our clients needs, locations and situations.

1095 A Form 

You will need this form in order to complete the 8962 please consult your tax advisor or call us for further assistance. This form serves as a reference for the 8962.

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IRS Form 8962  Tax Year 2020 

This form will be completed with the 1095A and filed with your tax return.

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Part B Medicare Application 

For those needing to start Medicare, conditions apply so feel free to call us for advice and assistance.

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CMS L564E Request for Employment Information Medicare 

This form will need to be submitted when transitioning from employer based health plans to Medicare.  If you are no longer receiving coverage from your employer and need to enroll in Part B you will need this form completed when submitting your Part B Application.  We complete these for our clients every day, if you need our assistance, call us.
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